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Hi! I'm Dave Smart, I am a technical SEO consultant and developer from Manchester in the United Kingdom. I have been building sites for 24 years. I love working out what makes sites perform how they do in Google and other search engines.

The challenges facing larger-scale sites, e-commerce, and JavaScript framework-based sites are a big focus area for me. JavaScript SEO is rapidly becoming one of the most popular services I offer.

Sometimes sites just don't perform as well as the business behind them. This can be down to how the site presents itself to the search engines. It is important to look at which parts of your site aren't getting crawled and indexed, and which parts are that perhaps shouldn't.

Dave Smart

That's where I come in.

I offer technical SEO consulting and can audit your site to make sure it's presenting itself in the best way possible for the search engines. An audit can discover opportunities for you to enable Google, and other search engines to find, and index your content in the best way. It can help chase down specific issues and problems you might be having with your websites too.

I'm happy to work with sites small or large, and directly with site owners or with your agency or developers.

Although I'm based in Manchester, most audits can be done remotely, without the need to visit your premises.

I can help with:

  • JavaScript SEO:
    Are your pages being rendered?
  • Crawling Issues:
    Are your pages being found?
  • Indexing:
    Pages not showing up?
  • Canonical / Duplication Issues:
    Same or similar content across your site?
  • General Site Health
    Can't quite put your finger on it? I can take a look!
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