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Technical SEO Audits

I offer a full technical SEO audit service and am happy to look at a site in general or take a more focused look at specific issues, questions, or areas of your (or your clients') site you want to look at.

Some common areas I look at:

Crawling Issues:

Before indexing and ranking crawling comes first!

Can Googlebot find all the URLs on your site? Are there parts of the site that are getting missed? Are there large groups of useless URLs on your site that Googlebot is getting snagged up in?

An audit can help identify crawling issues and make sure the content you care about isn't getting ignored.

Indexing & Rendering

Are your pages getting indexed? Can Googlebot and other search engines render and read your pages correctly?

As the web has grown, JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js mean there can be more to a web page than the HTML a server first sends out. Things can now happen on the client-side!

These are amazing technologies that are bringing the capabilities of the web forwards, but they do sometimes need extra attention to make work in search, especially if Google isn't the only traffic source you care about.

An audit can highlight areas that might cause issues in getting your content seen, quickly and reliably.

Canonicalization / Duplication Issues

Are you offering your content across multiple URLs? Things like products in multiple categories on e-commerce sites or articles in different areas can cause some duplication. I can help make sure you specify which URLs are the ones that should be used and help search engines understand and join together these pages.

Ranking Drops

If you are losing positions and traffic from search, I can help track down reasons that might be happening and suggest actions to help stop and reverse that trend.

Manual Actions & Penalties

In the most 'serious' of cases, Google may even action a manual penalty against your site, these can be for several reasons, including link manipulation (both buying incoming and selling outgoing links), thin and useless content, pure spam penalties, and a few others.

I can help identify what you need to do to bring your site back in compliance with the Webmaster Guidelines and guide you through the process


All the services I offer are bespoke, so I don't have a standard pricing structure. I'd be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with an idea of the timescales and hourly or daily rates.