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Technical SEO Tools

A small collection of some technical SEO tools I've put together, mostly for my own use, and often to learn how something works, but I hope you'll get some use out of them.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you at dave@tamethebots.com

Online Tools:

Fetch & Render
Fetch & render your pages, run a lighthouse test, check robots.txt blocking & see the difference in the initial html & the rendered DOM.
Robots.txt Testing & Validator Tool
Test a list of URLs against a live or custom robots.txt file.
Visualize Core Web Vitals History
Visualise Data from the Chrome UX Report History API.
Lost GSC Impressions URL Inspection
Get URLs that have lost impressions in Google Search Console, and test them with the URL inspection API.
Real Googlebot IP?
Test an IP address to see if it's really Googlebot.
Google Search Status Dashboard Timeline
A more mobile-friendly interface for the Google Search Status Dashboard, with a timeline view, and filterable by date & affected services.
Favicon in Search Checker
Check if your home page has Relevant Markup, Crawlable Favicons,Correctly sized Favicons & Correctly format Favicons
JavaScript / CSS Coverage
Find how much of your JavaScript & CSS files are actually used
Get some metrics for paint & JavaScript execution
Desktop / Mobile Link Diff
Check the links on a page when visited with a mobile user-agent compared to a desktop user-agent.
Desktop / Mobile SD
Test for differences in meta & structured data between mobile & desktop user-agents.

Tools & Scripts on Github:

A node CLI script to grab Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay & Cumulative Layout Shift for a list of pages specified in a .csv file. The script will load the page, scroll down it's entire length & capture a video in .webm format, with the CWV overlaid (in most cases). It will then produce a .csv value with the test results for each URL, and a reference to the video file.
A Node CLI tool to make a screenshot of a tweet and create a link. A twitter embed can add extra weight in JavaScript in a page, this allows you to create a static image of a tweet from its URL, and a link to it, which is much lighter.