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Technical SEO Tools

A small collection of some technical SEO tools I've put together, mostly for my own use, in the past.

The tools are for spot checking individual pages rather than crawling whole sites.

Currently the tools focus on checking rendered versions of pages and checking differences between mobile & desktop versions of a page. Important in the Mobile First Indexing world of Google.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you at dave@tamethebots.com

Fetch & Render
Fetch & render your pages, run a lighthouse test, check robots.txt blocking & see the difference in the initial html & the rendered DOM.
JavaScript / CSS Coverage
Find how much of your JavaScript & CSS files are actually used
Get some metrics for paint & JavaScript execution
Desktop / Mobile Link Diff
Check the links on a page when visited with a mobile user-agent compared to a desktop user-agent.
Desktop / Mobile SD
Test for differences in meta & structured data between mobile & desktop user-agents.