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Technical SEO Tools

A small collection of some technical SEO tools I've put together, mostly for my own use, and often to learn how something works, but I hope you'll get some use out of them.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you at dave@tamethebots.com

Online Tools:

Fetch & Render
Fetch & render your pages, run a lighthouse test, check robots.txt blocking & see the difference in the initial html & the rendered DOM.
Robots.txt Testing Tool
Test a list of URLs against a live or custom robots.txt file.
Lost GSC Impressions URL Inspection
Get URLs that have lost impressions in Google Search Console, and test them with the URL inspection API.
JavaScript / CSS Coverage
Find how much of your JavaScript & CSS files are actually used
Get some metrics for paint & JavaScript execution
Desktop / Mobile Link Diff
Check the links on a page when visited with a mobile user-agent compared to a desktop user-agent.
Desktop / Mobile SD
Test for differences in meta & structured data between mobile & desktop user-agents.

Tools & Scripts on Github:

A node CLI script to grab Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay & Cumulative Layout Shift for a list of pages specified in a .csv file. The script will load the page, scroll down it's entire length & capture a video in .webm format, with the CWV overlaid (in most cases). It will then produce a .csv value with the test results for each URL, and a reference to the video file.
A Node CLI tool to make a screenshot of a tweet and create a link. A twitter embed can add extra weight in JavaScript in a page, this allows you to create a static image of a tweet from its URL, and a link to it, which is much lighter.