Lost GSC impressions URL Inspection.

This tool connnects to your Google search console and fetches performance data from the selected time period and compares impressions on URL to the previous time period.

You can then run the URL inspection test against URLs to see if any issues have arisen.

1. Authorise Access to GSC

This allows the script to fetch your search console data and perform inspections, all data stays in your browser, I don't see your properties and information, and cannot access it independently.

2. Select Your Property

3. Choose Options & Fetch Performance Data

End of the date range to fetch data for, look in search console, you can find the latest date of full data.

Period of time, in days to compare, current selected periods (with the offset):
2024-07-03 > 2024-07-09 vs. 2024-06-26 > 2024-07-02.

Look at URLs that have lost this or greater percent of impressions.

The maxium number of results, remember you are limited to 2,000 inspections per day, per property.

filter by path, leave empty to not filter, or enter a path to filter by, i.e. /blog/. To filter multiple paths, separate with a | character, i.e. /blog/|/latest/

4. Inspect URLs

Fetch the index status these URLs by clicking the inspect button, this might take some time.

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