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A few, rather more infrequent than they should be, thoughts on SEO, web performance and development.

Logflare to NCSA (nginx) Server Log Format Nodejs Script
A simple script using nodejs to access BigQuery and write a log file from logflare.app data to NGINX's default access log format, perfect if you have tools that expect that.
My Experience of the Google Search Central Unconference
A quick write up of my experience facilitating a session at the Google Search Central Unconference, held on 21st June 2021
Tracking Changes in Search Console's Core Web Vitals Report
What does 28 days mean? Is it rolling? Is it 28 days behind? A small test.
My First Time Speaking at brightonSEO
My first time speaking at BrightonSEO! Come see me talk about JavaScript Crawling and Indexing on 25 March 2021, 2:10 pm (GMT)
Evolving How CLS is Measured
Potential cumulative layout shift metric changes, feeback wanted!
Chilled to the Core Web Vitals
A halloween themed talk on core web vitals I did for Dan Taylor, Video & Slides
Interview I did with Damien Anderson
Damien Anderson of echwa.com was kind enough to interview me for his Conversations in Search series.
Web Vitals - A New Hope in Web Performance Measurement
The new Web Vitals performance metrics bring the focus beyond that of speed.
Simple Guide to HTTP Response Status Codes
Simple, non-techy guide to what https status codes are, and what they mean for your website. Plus a teapot & missile bears (for real)
Simple SEO Related Chrome Bookmarklets
Chrome's javascript bookmarklets can be a great additon to an SEO's toolbox, here's a few examples.
Does Googlebot Use Etag Headers?
A quick study to find out if googlebot uses Etag response headers, and sends If-None-Matched request headers to get 304 responses.
Managing Correct Status Codes in Modern SPA Sites
404, 301, it's still important for your JavaScript site, find out about your options!
Reviews, The Rating Guidelines & Ranking
Does Google use third party review sites to rank yours?
JavaScript to Detect Clicks in iFrames
Using JavaScript to tell if someone has clicked on an iframe embedded in your page
There's been a few changes behind the scenes at {TametheBots}, we need to refresh to update the ServiceWorker: