About Dave Smart

What I Do

I've been a web developer and SEO for over 20 years, starting professionally in 2000, and have worked on a wide variety of projects, from small sites for local businesses to large-scale web applications for international companies.

My first career path was materials science for aerospace, which got me using computers to create reports. Creating reports got me interested in sharing the reports, and that got me interested in the web.

Over time, I've increasingly worked more in technical SEO, consulting directly with businesses, and providing my skill set for agencies and other SEO-related companies and services.

I still develop sites for a number of clients, and find that doing both helps me to understand the technical challenges that might arise with a variety of frameworks and technologies, especially JavaScript frameworks.

Where I'm Based

Odd Cat
Cat Tax. This is Odd. She's a cat. She's also a bit odd.
I'm based in Manchester, in the United Kingdom, where I live with a wonderful wife, a cat and a rabbit. But I work remotely with clients all over the world.

Where you can find me

If you want to work with me, hop on over to the Contact page, and drop me a line.

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Some Videos / Webinars / Podcasts

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