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Fetch & Render Simulator

Tool designed to simulate the googlebot fetch & render. Will return rendered, and initial source code (obeys the user-agent specified) and a screenshot at desktop resolution & mobile resolution.
Optionally you can also run a lighthouse test as well. Although intended to match, parity with the Google WRS cannot be guaranteed, always confirm in either the Mobile-Friendly Test or URL Inspection tool in Search Console.

Honour robots.txt uses the google open source parser, robots.txt files are fetched fresh for each test.

Test results deleted after 5 mins max, tests are not logged.

URL is required


Fast mode takes near instant snapshots, and may miss some slower to load content and features, turn this off if you are getting incomplete pages.
Flattening the DOM will pierce the Shadow DOM, and also render content of iframes EXPERIMENTAL

User Agent / Referrer

Uses these excellent open source projects: Puppeter for rendering, google/robotstxt for robots.txt parsing and matching & dom2html i for DOM flattening.
iframe flattening inspired by a discussion with Glenn Gabe ( @glenngabe ), of G-Squared Interactive