Fetch & Render Simulator

Tool designed to simulate the googlebot fetch & render. Will return rendered, and initial source code (obeys the user-agent specified) and a screenshot.
Optionally you can also run a lighthouse test as well. Although intended to match, parity with the Google WRS cannot be guaranteed, always confirm in either the Mobile-Friendly Test or URL Inspection tool in Search Console.

Honour robots.txt uses the google open source parser, robots.txt files are fetched fresh for each test.

Test results deleted after 5 mins max, tests are not logged.

URL is required

Fetch From


Lighthouse tests will be mobile for mobile user-agents, desktop for desktop user-agents.
Flattening the DOM will pierce the Shadow DOM, and also render content of iframes EXPERIMENTAL
Overlay / Output Core Web Vitals will show LCP element, any LCP Shift & FID (basically runs this bookmarklet you can run in you browser).

User Agent / Referrer

Uses these excellent open source projects: Puppeter for rendering, google/robotstxt for robots.txt parsing and matching & dom2html for DOM flattening.
iframe flattening inspired by a discussion with Glenn Gabe ( @glenngabe ), of G-Squared Interactive

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