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My First Time Speaking at brightonSEO

brightonSEO Talk About JavaScript
11th Feb 21 (updated: )

Crawling & Indexing for JavaScript Heavy Sites

I'm really honoured (and a little nervous!, let's call it scarecited) to be speaking for my first time at the legendary SEO conference, brightonSEO.

I'll be covering the topic of crawling and indexing of sites that rely heavily on JavaScript, and how Google's way of crawling and caching might affect you. It's on at 25 March 2021, 2:10 pm GMT, View the details here

Later on, I'll be taking part in a Live Ask Me Anything Panel Q&A along with Areej AbuAli, Jamie Grant, Jessica Peck, Tomek Rudzki, Csaba Szabo, Charly Wargnier and Maximilian Woelfle, and yes I am totally star struck and amazed to be let anywhere near that kind of brainpower!

Online Only, But That's Got Positives!

Like pretty much everything else in the world during the pandemic, it's online only. I know it's great to get together IRL, but the world isn't quite back to that normal yet.

But being online means that:

  • You can attend from pretty much anywhere that you can get an internet connection.
  • Everyone who wants to can attend for FREE!.
    (No more praying you get one of the free tickets)

There are some pretty awesome paid packages too, £175 means not only can you watch live, you can go back and watch the talks again, and perhaps catch ones you want to miss.

£650 gets you all that and access to some pretty kickass live training courses.

I'm in!

Good! It's the only rational choice :D! Click the green button of goodness to get the full details and grab your place!

Will You Share the Deck & Video?

I'll share the deck here sometime shortly after the talk has happened, but for the video, you'll need to catch it live, or get one of the tickets that lets you replay the recordings.

Here's the Deck!

View Google Slides

View Slideshare

Download as PDF

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Dave Smart

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