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I Was a Guest on Experts on the Wire Podcast

Guest on Experts on the Wire Podcast
25th Jul 22 (updated: )

It was a real honour to be a guest on Dan Sure's Experts on the Wire podcast.

I'm a big fan of what Dan has put together with his podcast. There's been some of my favourite people on it. I've discovered some great new people to follow and learn from over the many episodes Dan's published.

So it was very humbling to be asked to join that amazing list of folks. Plus Dan is super nice, and a great host.

We had a great chat about various things Tech / JavaScript SEO. You can find the episode (and the many other great ones) on Dan's site here: 124: Tech SEO Tips From a Google Product Expert w/Dave Smart, as well as your favourite podcast service.

Or Listen Here:

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Dave Smart

Dave Smart

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